Tuesday 09 August 2022

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No. 110, Farachemi Building, Hasht Behesh Gharbi Ave., Isfahan, Iran
Tel: +98 311 2661600/311 2654000
Fax: +98 311 2661700
E-mail: info@farachemi.com


Frachemi Company for developing activities and considering the economic situation inside and abroad as well as its technical and other competitors can attempt to launch the following section with the identified goals:

-Engineering Services section with the aim of providing design, supervision and execution services in the industrial main and accessories units, including major production processes, water, wastewater, steam, air, nitrogen, energy, especially energy saving and quality, efficiency, planning, controlling, IT, processes and systems designing activities in compliance with codes and standards for each field and sale instrumentation and control systems.

-Technical Services section with the aim of providing consulting services and professional theoretical-practical training courses and providing industrial standards and technical documents

-Laboratory Services section with the aim of providing instruments of QC laboratory, shopping advice, optimizing, repairing and necessary training about.

-Production Unit with the aim of producing laboratory Furniture (designing and plans implementation and also providing fixed lab equipment) and general laboratory equipment