Monday 20 September 2021

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A new generation for the whole range of AAS

A new generation for the whole range of AAS


The novAA series covers up the complete range of fully automatic single element and sequential multi element analysis. There are flame-AAS, graphite furnace-AAS and compact spectrometer for all techniques. The novAA series combines a unique union of performance, versatility, automation, reliability and flexibility.

Atomic absorption spectrometry redefined

The contrAA atomic absorption spectrometer is the first commercially available instrument for the HR-CS AAS and launches a new generation of instruments for AAS. contrAA closes the gap between AAS and ICP.

Recent technologies translated into a family of instruments that sets new standards

Decades of experience in the development of spectrometers, plus the most recent findings made in electronics, magnetic fieldtechnology and furnace design, have gone into the ZEEnit P series.

The method of choice for Hg ultra trace analysis

mercur combines atomic fluorescence with the cold vapor technology, so you can take advantage of both technologies. Thanks to its excellent detection limits and wide linear measuring range, the AFS is the method of choice.

Microwave assisted sample preparation

Analytik Jena combines sample preparation and analysis under one roof. This creates synergies and harmonizes both processes. Microwave assisted sample preparation - TOPwave - is a state of the art technology in many routine and research laboratories.